Die Wat Spaart, Die Wat Heeft
Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover, Germany

An exhibition of innovative approaches to the familiar notions of 'reduction', 'reuse' and 'recycling' in the practice of seven artists (with Peter Abrahams, David Batchelor, Rolf Blume, Antye Bromma, Eric Butcher, Laurance Noga and Michael Samuels).


Perpetual Arrival (co-curated with Morrissey & Hancock)
Platform A, Middlesbrough

An exhibition of 15 artists making work through iterative or generative processes, in series, employing a reductive or systems-based approach.


A Machine Aesthetic (co-curated with Simón Granell)
Gallery North, Newcastle; The Gallery, AUB, Bournemouth; Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln; The Gallery, Norwich University of the Arts; Transition Gallery, London

A major national touring exhibition, A Machine Aesthetic presented the work of 11 contemporary British artists whose creative practices engage with the concept of mechanisation. The exhibition explored the various manifestations, uses and influences of different aspects of mechanisation within the practices of an otherwise diverse group of artists (with Andrew Bracey, Eric Butcher, David Connearn, Rob Currie, Paul Goodfellow, Simón Granell, Emma Hart, Dan Hays, Natasha Kidd, Tim Knowles, Michael Roberts). In conjunction with the exhibition, the curators were invited to guest edit an edition of the arts and culture magazine Garageland, which was themed to coincide with the show.


The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands
Toomey-Tourell Gallery, San Francisco, USA

An exhibition exploring the ‘materiality’ of paper in the work of six contemporary artists (with Rana Begum, Michael Brown, Eric Butcher, Simón Granell, Natasha Kidd, John Lavell). Rather than simply an exhibition of works on paper, this was an exhibition of artists who work ‘with’ paper; with each artist making work exploiting properties intrinsic to the material.


Underground (co-curated with Roger Ackling & Simón Granell)
Shoreditch Town Hall, London

A major exhibition of the work of Roger Ackling, Eric Butcher and Simón Granell responding to the peculiarities of the labyrinthine spaces beneath the venue. The exhibition sort to draw an analogy between the architectural qualities of the space; the palimpsest of it’s history, and the surface of the art object which “records and manifests the history of it’s own making”.


Definite Article
Vertigo Gallery, London; Toomey-Tourell gallery, San Francisco, USA

An exhibition of the work of four contemporary British artists concerned with the formal relationship between object and surface (with Roger Ackling, Marc Vaux, Cathy Wade).


The Loading Bay, London

An exhibition of the work of 10 artists studying for the MA Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art